Case Studies

Case Study Abandonment

Swallow Bird of LA says, “We lived around the world and had a happy life on paper … eventually I connected with my first boyfriend on Whatsapp and realized I was e-cheating.”

“I was married for 9 years before I began thinking about getting divorced,” says Swallow Bird, who stayed another 3 years, until her divorce in 2017. Although she and her husband, M, were together for 17 years, she found herself growing increasingly restless. “We lived around the world and had aread more

Case Study Abandonment

Aurora Van Cleave of Virginia says: “I seriously considered divorce after 5 years of marriage. I loved him, that was never an issue, but I was not in love with him — and I wanted to be.”

Here’s my story: Married just five years before she began thinking about getting divorced in 2014, Aurora, now 33, says she and her husband ultimately decided to reconcile. “I wanted to leave because I felt like I was not fully understood and the harder I pushed for romance the lessread more