Author Alisa Divine explains how #SheWins: Harrowing Stories From Women Who Survived Domestic Abuse

Alisa Divine is the author of #SheWins: Harrowing Stories From Women Who Survived Domestic Abuse — a book that captures and shares the irrepressible spirit of survivors through portraits and stories.

“Do you know someone who has been in an abusive relationship?” Alisa asks. “The statistics are 1 in 3 women have experienced abuse by an intimate partner. Domestic abuse attempts to crush the spirit of its victims — and not all victims remain defeated.”

#SheWins shares stories and photographs of women around the world who were abused and refused to allow their attackers to win. Hear how these women uncovered an irrepressible spirit to survive and charge ahead in life. The book and the accompanying online community encourage women to speak up, support their sisters around the world and triumph above their circumstances.

Also is also the co-author of Killing Kate: A Story of Turning Abuse and Tragedy into Transformation and Triumph. This book focuses on the harrowing experience of abuse survivor Kate Ranta, who was shot by her abusive ex-husband. Her then 4-year-old son witnessed the attack.

The book , released a year ago in October 2019, follows Kate from the beginning of her relationship to the climax at the end, when she and her father used their combined strength to push against her front door as her estranged husband, an Air Force Major, tried to push his way inside. In an ambush, he fired bullets through the door, shooting Kate and her father in front of the couple’s son. Within its chapters, Killing Kate details episodes of her husband’s mind games, ways the legal system let her down and her journey to rebuild her life after the shooting. The foreword is by actor and activist Evan Rachel Wood.

“We released this book with the intention of informing women of warning signs of abusive relationships and to share hope for healing afterwards,” Kate explains. “The book is a rallying cry for women to identify the red flags of domestic violence, support each other through the process and help women avoid entering abusive relationships in the first place.” Click here to learn more about Kate.

Alisa explains: “Both books raise awareness on domestic abuse,” says the co-owner of the publishing company, Personal Power Press. “My goal is to provide a platform for individuals to share their stories and turn their pain into power.”

In addition to writing and publishing, Alisa has founded The More Than Beautiful Project™. She mentors young women to build confidence, develop a positive body image and learn key components of healthy relationships. Alisa is also a life coach and feels great purpose to encourage others to rise above their circumstances and triumph.

“I believe in creating lives full of meaning and purpose and am on a mission is to help women and girls step into the best versions of themselves, transitioning from where they are to where they want to be,” shares Alisa, who sits on the Board of Directors for the Saginaw Underground Railroad, which serves survivors of domestic violence. She lives in Michigan with her husband and their blended family with 8 children.